Based in the London Borough of Bromley

A Pullman express train gathers speeds departing from Hookwood station

We use the coloured pin system to indicate the destination of wagons on local pick up goods trains. When the goods train arrives any wagons for that station must be shunted out and wagons with pins for stations on the train’s route must be coupled up.  All between signalling local and express passenger trains!  

Rusper is an open and friendly model railway club with members that have a wide range of knowledge and experience of railway related topics.  Visitors are often surprised at the size and complexity of our railway but older members are always ready to lend a hand and ‘buddy up’.  So it doesn’t take long for a new member to be able to operate a station alone.

Outside track sections join up the stations in each shed.  

Here a passenger train enters Shed 4 from Glovers Lane station in Shed 3.

Covers are placed over the outside sections to protect the trains and the track from inclement weather