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Based in the London Borough of Bromley Gallery of Members’     Photos and articles es November Meeting Report by Nathan Wilkin

Picture it! A Sunday morning in early November with 6 sheds connected by bridges with rails sparkling in the weak winter sunlight. As we all arrived and were given our duty assignments by the superintendent of the line and we set to work. With only a few mechanical mishaps during the morning, we mostly ran to time. An impressive feat for me as I was looking after one end of Russ Hill and Jordans. It was very pleasant to see the rolling stock go zooming up and down the line, with very few derailments over the diamond points, and even caught a rare glimpse of both South West units together as they passed through the station (I even had time for a very quick photo, which is included below).

The afternoon featured some time pauses as we played catch-up with the timetable and trying to fix a few more mechanical hiccups that occurred. Seeing plenty of goods trains go through was enjoyable and even though the shunting for them was time consuming due to a derailment when some trucks hit the buffers and blocked the line to Jordans.

Overall, a very enjoyable session with good weather and excellent operators so full steam ahead to December where anything goes!