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Based in the London Borough of Bromley Gallery of Members’     Photos and articles es May Meeting Report by Brian Roper

The morning of the May meeting was rather overcast, but undeterred, the sheds were set up for a 5-shed operation.

Prior to the running session, Dennis and Brian re-laid the branch line track between shed 2 and 3 as the existing track was way passed its sell by date. In fact it was Formaway flexible track so is many decades old.

The morning session ran very well despite a couple of signalmen in new locations. The writer was allocated shed 4 for the first time in a long while and never previously when a 5-shed operation was taking place. The pressure on the signalman at the western end of the station is considerable as he has to operate the Jordans box as well. Nathan handled that very competently – well done!

The lunchtime period was extended so that the AGM could take place. Details of this will be sent separately. The major change agreed was to have and extra 3 Sundays dedicated to maintenance. These will be on the Sundays 18th June, 16th July and 20th August. Members are asked to attend at least 2 of the 3 sessions.

The sun came out after the AGM finished - perhaps we should have finished earlier? The afternoon session flew by which indicates all went well.

The trainspotter forgot his notebook (again) so no guests locomotives were recorded However the writer recalls seeing 2 Southern Terriers double heading a local train.

No.2937 “Clevedon Court” takes a break after shunting its goods train into a siding at Newdigate Road down onto its train behind Axminster.

The GWR push-pull service slowly gets shunted at Tilgate onto the branch line. The branch line to Prestwood was not in service

No.60035 pausing at Charlwood on its way to Hookwood with the afternoon stopping service

NB1 being double headed by Southern Terriers No.12 “Ventor” and No.13 “Carisbrooke”.special slides slowly through the station