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Based in the London Borough of Bromley Gallery of Members’     Photos and articles es April Meeting Report by Roger Denman

Sunday dawned bright and cheerful, if slightly overcast so we didn’t have to resort to the covers. We were able to run 5 sheds, with Prestwood locked out and no goods services. Meaning the operators at Tilgate and Rusper had a quiet time initially as most down services had spent the month gathering dust in the Jordans sidings.

The session went well with a couple of clock stops and signalmen operating unfamiliar boxes. Stock was reliable in the main with minor faults including lost couplings, the leading bogie on Anzac continually bouncing off the track and the wheel tread on a DMU falling off. The latter leading to the unlikely sight the DTC and TC(L) of CB1 being hauled by a tank engine.

There was a certain amount of frustration caused by electrical and track faults plus poorly aligned track joins at shed entry. These issues have been added to the maintenance schedule. Thanks to all, especially Gerard and Dennis who stayed behind to do some grounds and scenery maintenance.

Southern O2 ‘357’ and GWR Small Prairie ‘4539’ sitting in the sidings at Hookwood alongside the petrol train.


 behind Axminster.

The heavily adapted CB1 set after early failure with

the power car

No.60035 pausing at Charlwood on its way to Hookwood with the afternoon stopping serviceBlack 5 ‘44668’ heading CM3 as it departs Rusper.

The Brighton Belle just arrived at Platform 3 on an express service from Hookwood.

3F Jinty ‘47266’ hauling the milk train through Ortons Junction. CM5 pauses on its journey to pick up mainline passengers