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February Meeting Report

A View from Shed 2 Editor Tim’s introduction:  

Firstly, welcome to Peter Bagaley who came to Rusper for the first time, but told me he was keen to join even before he saw the sheds! I’m glad to say the cold weather and occasional clock stops didn’t put him off. Peter said he had been thinking of joining the Beckenham & West Wickham club and by coincidence Greg our second visitor is the Chairman of that club.  Unfortunately Greg’s shift patterns may make it difficult for him to attend, but nevertheless Greg you will always be very welcome!

Pleading guilty! As stationmaster at Charlwood I missed attaching a van to a passenger train, as per Roger’s final point below. Dennis had to ‘hunt the van’ on this occasion – my apologies!

Gerard tells me archaeologists were at Newdigate Road and found what appeared to be fossilised remains. We’re not sure if it’s a passenger waiting for the cancelled 10:15 ...

Next Meeting: Sunday 4th March 2018

Superintendent of the Line Roger’s comments on the last session:  

It was good to have 2 visitors at this session. Although Mike P was unable to attend we were able to run all six sheds with the help of visitor Greg whose professional, and modelling, experience enabled him to operate at Russ Hill with Nathan. Thanks Greg.

Three general points:

I noted that some trains passed Prestwood without tail lamps!!! Please remember that a tail lamp is mandatory on ALL trains (ex DMU and PP units). Operators at intermediate stations should be checking and castigating the staff at the previous station.

I despatched a goods train from Birchfield. It returned later in the timetable with exactly the same wagons and coloured pins as when it left!  When running goods trains please remember that “Det” means detach wagons carrying the coloured pin relevant to your station. “Att” means attach any wagons in your yard that have coloured pins NOT relevant to your station.

Some moves involve attaching or detaching vans to/from various trains. Please ensure you follow the instructions to avoid forcing a “hunt the van game” on your fellow operators.


Meeting Report from Chairman Brian:  

The weather on the Sunday morning was dry but very cold. It stayed that way all day. Thank goodness for electric fan heaters!

We were able to run 6 sheds as we had the pleasure of 2 guest operators. One decided he liked it so much he has decided to join us. Welcome! The other guest is a real life qualified signalman, so no training was required on the bells. Also, as an experienced model railway enthusiast (he owns 4 layouts) he had no problem with operating the south box at Russ Hill on his own. You are welcome back anytime!

As shed 6 had not been in use for a while there were a few niggling issues at start up. The bell to shed 4 was not working so a temporary arrangement was made with a long wire and a buzzer. A couple or wires had to be re-soldered in other areas too.  Overall the operating session went smoothly with a couple of “stop the clocks” to catch up when things got a bit behind. The timetable in use was covering the evening rush hour, so it is a very busy period. The locospotter was not available for this session, but a visiting Crosti 9F was noted passing through Orltons Junction on its way to Hookwood on a freight. (ED: See photo below)

At lunchtime, the writer gave out slices of a homemade Dundee cake to celebrate his 21st (oh yeah?) birthday later in the week.  The cake was made by a friend of his eldest daughter. The friend is getting sponsorship for the London Marathon in April. It was very tasty!

A3 Class 4-6-2 loco No.60071 ‘Tranquil’ prepares to move off the turntable at the Hookwood MPD

Peppercorn A1 Pacific no. 60163 Tornado about to depart Russ Hill

 with the up Pullman express

A weathered BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0 no.75027 is ready to take the iron ore train up the line

‘Britannia’ no. 70000 simmers at Rusper awaiting its next duty

 Ex-GWR 57xx class 0-6-0PT no 7702 is seen still in GWR livery with the PP1 push-pull local service

 Crosti version 9F no. 92023 takes water at Charlwood before heading the petrol train to Orltons Junction  

Ex-GWR Hall class loco no. 7911 ‘Lady Margaret Hall’ waits at signals