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Based in the London Borough of Bromley Gallery of Members’     Photos and articles es July (1) Meeting Report by Mike Price

With a nearly full turnout and a lovely summer's day, the club met for a six shed operating day. Set up went smoothly and the Signal and Telegraphic engineer managed to update the Glovers Lane box from old fashioned bulb repeater lights to modern LED’s, so hopefully there will be no problems with lights failing there from now on.

A number of clock stops were needed through the day for a variety of reasons. Charlwood seemed to have the worst of these with cut outs tripping because of the heat in the shed. The morning session seemed to have the most stops and better operating seemed to occur in the afternoon. If we had been to the pub for lunch, I might have understood it! Speed restrictions were also in place at a number of points where the hot weather resulted in expanded track and occasional buckling. If Network Rail can do it so can we!   

Train spotting proved interesting. The Pullman Company had brought new carriages from the Bournemouth Belle set to run for the day. However the experience left your scribe wondering whether he should have gone to Specsavers as there were three "Lydia" and two "Angus" carriages in the set.

The Mineral set started the day with a Great Western 72XX heading the train. I believe it was seen later in the day on the Loco Coal. A Drummond 700 class (30693) was seen running through Russ Hill with a single van. It was spotlessly clean so was probably just out of a general overhaul on a running in turn. An odd combination seen later in the day was one of the CB sets which had had a power car failure. The power car had been detached and the trailer cars were being hauled by a Std Class 4MT loco.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable day. Let's hope everyone can make the next meeting and keep the six shed operation going.

Axminster and Crynant Grange waiting to depart Hookwood with a southern region locomotive backing down onto its train behind Axminster.

The banana vans being shunted in the sidings at Hookwood by 75027

Local raiilcar pausing at Prestwood on its journey down to Rusper

Not many passengers at Russ Hill as the Vans are shunted in the upper sidings and the engineers special slides slowly through the station.