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Based in the London Borough of Bromley Gallery of Members’     Photos and articles es July (2) Meeting Report by Tim Crumplin

Sunday was a cloudy start but the rain held off, which was fortunate after the downpour of the day before! This was a special operating session to commemorate 50 years from the end of steam on Southern Region, officially 9th July 1967. Club members were rostered for a 4 shed operation although on the day we thought we could run 5 sheds and set up accordingly, but in the event 2 members had some bad news on the day and were obliged to leave early.  A number of visitor locos were seen including 30698 Drummond 700 class, 34068 Battle of Britain class ‘Kenley’ in a rather grubby state, 30852 N15 class ‘Sir Gawain’, 30582 Adams Radial tank and 30310 T9 class.

Overall it was good operating session with only short clock stoppages, one due to being unable to clear the backlog of trains in Charlwood following power problems, and another due to a loose wire in the replaced controller at Glovers Lane. My thanks to all operators for making it an enjoyable day.

Members will have seen that a number of trains are now equipped with tail lamps.  However several went through Charlwood with the tail lamp on the carriage immediately behind the engine and nothing at the end! Can signalmen please check each train that passes for the tail lamp and where it is missing, ensure the train is complete and no carriage / wagon has become detached.  When trains start their journey, the signalman should place a tail lamp on the last vehicle.  I would like to thank Tony for making the tail lamps seen thus far; they are small and detailed and will make mine seem very crude!  Some trains will have to run without tail lamps until we have sufficient made up.

Finally, in my official role as Secretary and I remind all members to please complete the Membership Application Form (see attached email).  It is important that we have accurate next of kin and medical records just in case of an emergency.  Thanks for your cooperation.







The Devon Belle Pullman observation car being cleaned at the state-of-the-art facilities at Ortons Junction.

(Remember it is 1967!)

The new signal gantry at Charlwood looking very smart.

A Jinty is shunting the NB1 coaches back into the mainline platform.

N15 no.746 ‘Pendragon’ departing Hookwood with a mainline Southern set

The Southern cattle trucks being shunted into the cattle dock in the Ortons Junction yard