Based in the London Borough of Bromley (Hayes area)


The Hookwood operator has two controllers for all arrivals and departures.  They are responsible for all movements along the main line to Orltons Junction and select suitable motive power for passenger or block freight trains, undertaking the light engine movements directly from or to the MPD.  They shunt the parcels stock for vans and papers trains, detaching or attaching GPO vans or horse boxes as required.  They must remember to shunt released locos from the station platforms back to the yard for turning!

As we run to demanding timetables the operator here is under pressure. If he (she, if we had any female members) does not keep to time then there is a knock-on effect on the whole system. Fortunately there are no bell codes between Hookwood and Orltons Junction, so the operators liase closely over the timetable movements.


Hookwood Station is mostly under a canopy