Based in the London Borough of Bromley (Hayes area) Back

Beyond the original entrance to the site (soon to be inwards only when the new exit works have been completed) is the raw milk processing building. Young Christopher, the apprentice, is receiving a ticking off from site foreman Mr N S Nazal regarding poor placement of churns on the dock. Christopher is taking it staunchly as his mother always told him never to cry over spilt milk.

On the front boundary of the site is the, very necessary, water tank and a small office/messroom for yard staff supervisors Trev and Mick temporarily delayed by a shunting movement on their way for a tea break.

On a sombre note the casual observer may encounter the ghostly form of headless Howard in the dark recesses of one of the buildings. Hapless Howard, who worked in the mill previously on this site, was sadly decapitated by an errant Christmas streamer whilst playing blind mans bluff in the early 20th Century and now wanders the site in an endless quest for his party hat.

The General offices and butter factory are housed in the adjoining buildings. These are based on the Metcalfe Mill design as that was “butter” suited to the purpose. Here can be seen the recently delivered Bedford delivery vans. There is some concern amongst the staff that the livery is not quite what was expected. Some fear a takeover and redundancies especially as the owner has just taken delivery of an expensive Jaguar.

The boiler house is standard design and supplies the steam for the adjacent railtank steam cleaning shelter.  The latter structure is a bit ramshackle as it was built from bits found lying around the site. Still, it serves its purpose.

Spilt milk at the dairy

Hapless Howard

A new Jaguar at the dairy