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Based in the London Borough of Bromley Gallery of Members’     Photos and articles es November Session Report by Tim Crumplin

The Rusper meeting on was dry but cold. After the recent heavy rain and high winds there was some slight damage to the roofing on two sheds but nothing serious. This was quickly repaired before the session began.

Unfortunately we didn't quite have enough people to operate all 6 sheds however we had plenty of experience to ensure a good running session, and there were only one or two minor clock stoppages.

At the start of the session a special goods train was signalled from Russ Hill to Glovers Lane. Signalmen between there and Hookwood had been warned to expect this service, stopping all stations and conveying sweets in celebration (commiseration?) of yet another birthday for your scribe. A slight mishap occurred at Glovers Lane where the footbridge was struck causing a deluge of confectionery over the tracks and delaying the service somewhat. Clearly the loading gauge at Russ Hill hadn't been used prior to departure!

Overall this was a good operating session - thanks to everyone who turned up. Let's make it 6 sheds next time!!

Tony Herron has been building again!

His latest offering is the new footbridge

at Smallfields.

Photos from the recent meeting

(by Tim Crumplin):

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