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September Meeting Report

A View from Shed 3 Editor Tim’s introduction:  No introduction this month as I was unable to attend, however Mike Price and Peter have both echoed Roger’s comment about this being an enjoyable session (no connection with my absence, I hope ..!)  Mike has also asked members to please take care: PP3 arrived in Charlwood at one point running very poorly and he discovered that there were 5 Peco track pins magnetically attached to the motor. Quickly fixed by pulling them off, BUT can everybody take care with track pins, don't leave them near running lines and if you are removing locos from the track and placing them on the scenery, check there is nothing lying around were you are placing them.

Next Maintenance Meeting: Sunday 23rd September 2018

Next Operating Meeting:      Sunday 7th October 2018

Superintendent of the Line Roger’s comments on the last session:  An excellent session today, from my point of view, which I hope most of you will share. One or two clock stops for various niggling faults did not delay operation excessively and one of them gave me breathing space to deal with the down main blockage by the Engineers’ possession and wrong line running of several trains.

Lack of numbers meant a five shed session with Brian bravely operating Russ Hill with the assistance of Peter and Jeff. Alan had plenty of time in shed 5 to make a start on his autobiography. I will add “attendance to volume issues with signal bells Prestwood to RH North/Jordan’s” to the maintenance schedule for 23rd September.  Mike K stood in at Glovers Lane for Tim and he and Tony, at Newdigate, ably served their passengers. The return of Nathan was welcome and he covered Smallfields for Gerard whilst Mike P consolidated his mastery of Charlwood station (thank you both for  your patience with the Orltons operator). Dennis was his usual unflappable self and assisted me when the timetable got a bit busy. Lesson of the day for SoL: make sure you check the signal lamps BEFORE sending a train on the branch. A head on collision on a single line is not acceptable even in “OO” scale!!!!!!

One reminder to all: if things are not going the way you want, please remember your manners when addressing other members. Thank you all for arriving before (or soon after) the new 9.30 deadline and for all your efforts today. I enjoyed the day. I hope you did too.

Meeting Report from Peter:    I think that we can say that the August meeting was good - we did not have the problems that we had on the last running day, i.e. no derailments or problems with electrics.

I can’t say about major problems in other sheds; I don't think there were any. But in shed 4 there seems to be a problem on the line coming into Jordans with a point playing up, and this is to be addressed at the next maintenance day later this month.

There was a switch of signalman at Russ Hill, with Brian doing the South box, and myself doing North, which I found very satisfying. I can say that I am getting only now to see how the railway works, and I really enjoyed the day.

We got through the remainder of the existing time table, and in early afternoon, we changed to the next running order. There was a problem, as one of the signalmen stated that we were sending him the wrong trains, and were asking for trains that he did not have!  Needless to say, the said signalman had picked up the incorrect timetable, so of course nothing was correct.

I understand that Brian has done some work on the transformers, since the last meeting, and that we had no problems with such problems, also the day was much cooler.

I donated 2 re-railers to the club, and some track cleaning rubbers.  The new coffee mugs were handed out, they look good as well.






The LMS Fowler 3F 0-6-0T represents the ultimate development of the Midland Railway's six-coupled tank engines. Here no.47389 shunts the yard at Ortons Junction. The nickname ‘Jinty’ may have originally been applied to four-wheeled Midland class 'J' tank engines employed as shunters in the ironstone areas of the Midlands. How the name came to the standard shunters is not known however.

Taking coal - no. 30861 Lord Anson is a  Maunsell designed SR Lord Nelson Class 4-6-0 built in 1929 by Eastleigh Works as SR No.861. Withdrawn from 71A Eastleigh shed in October 1962 it was later scrapped.

Another panoramic shot, this time across the shed from Russ Hill.  Jordans carriage sidings is very busy during a 4 shed operation and very quiet when all 6 sheds are in use. Traffic appears to be queued up on the bridge – it’s quicker by train!

The photographer has caught a tail lamp in the middle of the train at Glovers Lane – but no, maybe the guard is just coming out of the Gents and about to move it !

A panoramic view of Russ Hill station which is divided into North and South signalboxes.  The photo clearly shows the 2 control panels and 2 sets of 4 controllers. A train leaving platform 1 for the down branch to Newdigate Road will require all 4 controllers! The North ‘box is nearest the camera.