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The meeting on 19th May was a 4 shed operation, but generally went well with no particular difficulties. The signalman at Glovers Lane got a little confused after lunch (I wonder what was in his sandwiches?) as he couldn’t distinguish his up and down line bells. It only occurred for a few minutes as a relief signalman working at Newdigate Road offered some assistance and re-established normality.

The most surprising (and pleasing) aspect of the day was the wonderful weather. Rain showers had been forecast, but they did not arrive – blue skies and sunshine did!

At lunchtime, we held the Annual General Meeting and the minutes for this will be issued separately. The main item of note is a change of Secretary, Brian Dasley being elected. The outgoing Secretary, Tim Crumplin, has been in that position for many years, so many thanks to Tim his time and efforts on behalf of the club.

Maintenance Meetings

The summer(!) maintenance session have started with the first one being on THirsday 6th June. 3 members attended. The next meeting is on Thursday 20th June, starting at 6.00pm, and it would be nice to see more members attend. There are plenty of jobs to be done!

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