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(Note to Editor: I was tempted to mention a certain member who spent the day operating another layout in a nice, warm and dry school!)

On a dull and wet Sunday Morning nine intrepid members made their way across the quagmire that is currently the allotment site after what must be the winter/wettest spring on record.

Upon arrival at our sheds we found that even the paved footpaths were under water. Set up, for a 4 shed operation, was relatively swift with several members arriving for 9a.m.

The operating session was very enjoyable, with no major problems. The clock had to be stopped only a couple of times all day to allow sheds to catch up. This was very impressive considering that sheds 1 and 4 only had two operators each.

We had a very short lunch interval, to allow an early start to the afternoon session. This, in turn, allowed us to finish early at 3.15p.m.

In the two hours before we finished the session, monsoon conditions prevailed. Mike Price and Dennis Taylor had jury rigged an empty pot noodle container to catch the drips coming through the roof in shed 1.

Luckily the rain eased to allow us to pack up in relative comfort and we slipped and slithered our way to the gates to depart the site at around 4.15.p.m.

Thanks to all who braved the conditions to enjoy the operating session, especially those who made long journeys on waterlogged roads to make the session possible.

Works report:

Many thanks to Trevor and Jen Hammond for putting some mucky/sticky gunge on the roofs of shed 1 and 6 last week. Hopefully, this temporary repair will stop the leaks until we can re-roof the 2 sheds entirely, once they have dried out a bit (hopefully!)

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