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June Meeting Report

A View from Shed 2 Editor Tim’s introduction:  Apologies to all, there is no view this time!  I was unwell and thought it best not to inflict a persistent cough / chest infection on Tony in shed 2 or indeed anyone else.  My thanks to Roger for providing a meeting report in addition to his SoL update.  

Next Maintenance Session:  Sunday 1st July 2018      Next Operating Meeting: Sunday 22nd July 2018

Please note the change of dates!

Superintendent of the Line Roger’s comments on the last session:  Not a good day today! Lots of niggles and very hot.

I appreciate all your efforts to improve things and I am also grateful for your patience. We must resolve an issue that manifested just before we stopped the session so, the operating and maintenance sessions in July will be swapped. 1st July will be a maintenance day and 22nd July will be an operating day. The August dates remain unchanged.

It is important that you all take part in maintaining our railway. I will allocate jobs prior to the day so please let me know if you will be present.

Finally, having got your views on operating preferences etc I intend to allocate each of you to a particular station for the next three months. I haven’t finalised the plan yet but most of us will be in an unfamiliar station. I will let you all know where I would like you to operate by the 1st July.

Meeting Report from (stand in) Roger:    Sunday 3rd June dawned sunny and dry and I was anticipating a pleasant day operating at Glovers Lane after a long absence from shed 4. I had rostered nine operators over 4 sheds with the possibility of an extra body on the day but sadly, due to illness and accident, we only had 8 people available. As usual Dennis had been beavering away since the early hours by the time I arrived and the mainline and branch between Russ Hill, Glovers and Newdigate Rd had been re-laid by the time running started. Gerard managed to cut the grass during set up and a small number of other issues delayed the start ‘til just after 11 a.m. Minor electrical faults, dirty track, recalcitrant bells, missing fishplates and the odd missing insulated rail joiner conspired to cause several clock stops. It was getting very warm in the sheds and we stopped for lunch around 12.30 having only managed to cover about 50 minutes of the new timetable. It was a frustrating morning. After lunch and some emergency problem solving we had another go. It grew hotter and the niggles continued to blight the session. Full marks to everyone for remaining calm and polite under difficult circumstances. We finally gave up our valiant efforts around 3p.m when the signal lamps at Smallfields began to “blow”. Replacements also burnt out and Brian discovered that the 12v circuit was delivering 120v! We decided not to try to resolve this “last straw” and I was at home enjoying a cold beer, thoughtfully provided by Mrs Superintendent of the Line, by 4.15 pm. Apologies for the lack of pictures this month.

   Maintenance Day Sunday 20th May 2018 – work proceeds on the             Maintenance Day Sunday 20th May 2018 – good weather helped to                   outside section between shed 3 and shed 4                                                                     complete several jobs

On 27th April 2014 there is a line up of locos ready to depart Jordan’s                 Carriage Sidings. The signalbox is illuminated internally which                           accounts for the bright light in the window.  Local rumour suggests                 that the Fat Controller lives in the white ‘art deco’ house on the hill                 above the ‘box!

      Maintenance Day Sunday 20th May 2018 – electrical work being

                              undertaken in shed 3


On 16th December 2012 the Midland Pullman was caught on camera in Jordan’s Carriage Sidings. The train operated on British Railways' old Midland Main Line between London St Pancras and Manchester Central via Leicester and Millers Dale,  completing the journey in 3 hours 15 minutes (a saving of 35 minutes). In July 1960 the Midland Pullman was relaunched as a luxury all-first-class service using two new Blue Pullman six-car diesel-electric units, aimed at covering the high end of the Manchester-London business market. The service ran every weekday, up to London in the morning and down to Manchester in the evening. To fill in between these turns, there was an afternoon return trip from St Pancras to Nottingham described by railway staff as "The most luxurious ECS in the world."