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A View from Shed 2 Editor Tim’s introduction:  

Thanks to Nathan for editing the Newsletter over the last two years. He’s a hard act to follow but I shall do my best ..!  

Tony & I have operated Charlwood & Smallfield respectively in shed 2 for some months now, and we’ve been looking out for tail lamps!!  There have been numerous occasions with trains coming through with lamps on the leading vehicle, right behind the loco, or with lamps at both ends.  Can operators please try to ensure a tail lamp is at the end of the last vehicle only.  There is a sound reason for this – the same as in BR – that the signalmen can quickly check whether a train has divided en route.

Next Meeting: Sunday 4th February 2018

Superintendent of the Line Roger’s comments on the last session:  

A good session today despite the cold and frequent clock stops. I am pleased that the 5 shed timetable test went well, although it was clear that it’s not an easy duty for the Russ Hill/Jordan’s signalman. Might be an idea to have 3 operators in shed 4 until we get used to the idea.


Initially the bells from shed 4 to Prestwood did not work. Fortunately the Chairman dredged up the answer from the depths of his grey matter. I.e the bells are powered from Shed 6 so when operating the 5 shed TT we need to ensure that shed 6 is powered up!


As usual, please let me know what issues need to be addressed to improve your enjoyment at the next session.  Only one club loco reported as requiring attention however - the whistle on a “privateer” was apparently stuck open through Charlwood and Orltons. 

Meeting Report from Gerard:  

The 2018 meetings began with a very soggy site – but at least there was no rainfall as the sheds were opened up again. All was well inside shed 3 but matters outside caused a few problems, a rail joiner no longer conducting electricity between S3 and S2 and joiners not connected at all outside S3 – to S4.

Newdigate Road has its quirks, like all stations on the line, and I reckon I am getting used to them after about three sessions. There are a whole load of exposed point motors, some of which work points, some don’t and some, given the smallish size of the shed, seem quite unnecessary. I have started using them manually so I can physically see how the road ahead is set up. Relying solely on the electric studs on the board and crossing ones fingers, hoping for the best, is not a great idea.

I am also learning more about Glovers Lane and its features so I can help Alan more as GL is a bit busier than NR. When matters got very busy the blocking-back lights were put up, or were kept up. Some movements, shunting mainly, involve delicacy and concentration – and take time. In these circumstances I have found blocking-back a most useful tool – and it is of course prototypically correct. Neighbouring signalmen at Rusper (Mike K) and Smallfield (Tony) used the procedure effectively which meant I did not call attention until their respective red light went out.

During the session the clock was stopped a few time so we could catch up – but the volume of traffic  throughout was pretty constant which meant a most satisfactory, and above all realistic, day.

Finally on motive power, a Standard class 4 tender coupling caused our sole loco failure. Personally on my own stock I ditch the little couplings in favour of the bigger type which I glue and bolt/screw in place – no annoying coupling “droop” or derailment-causing side-to-side “wandering” is the result.

A grimy Fowler  2-6-4T prepares to take the ore train down to Orltons Junction

Wainwright H class 0-4-4T no. 31518 operated the PP1 push-pull service between Orltons Jct, Charlwood, Glovers Lane, Newdigate Road and Smallfield (sorry about the photographer’s shadow!)

Heavy traffic over the bridge – can you identify the location?

Quite a colourful line up of visiting locos at Jordans sidings

9F no. 92220 ready to depart Russ Hill. Vandals seem to have attacked the station nameboard!

Appropriately, no.35016 ‘Elders Fyffes’ leaves Orltons Junction with the banana train for Smallfield

Ringing the changes! LMS liveried Jubilee no.5690 ‘Leander’ is paired with a BR tender