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Track saved!

The sounds of voices, bells and those of trains rumbling between sheds resonated across the damp murky and empty allotment site – yes, the Rusper MRC was in business for its first session in 2013. We were a tad lucky with the weather for had it been any other recent Sunday we might have been snowed or frozen off.

The day went well – at least it did in shed four. Mike Price and I kept on top of the traffic situation though the slightly less busy night-time timetable did help in that respect.

A few times during the day the clock required stopping. I like it when the clock stops. It gives one a chance for a breather.  And when it becomes apparent I can’t assist with the problem then I like to do a little pottering around. Glue a bit of scenery here, remove a dead spider there or do a spot of gardening – or go for a little wander. Usually when the clock starts I find myself on the allotment having a look at someone’s rhubarb patch. In any case I come to Rusper to relax, not to get stressed – it is my day off after all.

There are lots of things for the club to consider in 2013: more track underlay replacement and the roof situation on shed one – so maintenance sessions during the summer evenings will be required again – weather depending.

Thanks to Trevor for bringing cakes for his birthday celebration, and also to Dennis for offering to replace two dodgy points in shed 4 – your offer is accepted. I shall snip the one wire and re-solder it – I promise!   

Dennis Taylor giving Trevor Hammond his birthday present from the club members.

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