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Based in the London Borough of Bromley Gallery of Members’     Photos and articles es February Meeting Report by Gerard Pearson

This month’s meeting was a four-shed affair as we could not quite get to the minimum of ten needed to operate six sheds.

However, with nine of us we were a man over, which meant I was able to go to Glovers Lane for the first time and have Roger show me the ropes. Every control panel has its own characteristics and the one at GL was no exception. It is a simple track layout with relatively few points. The Charlwood and Russ Hill bells were situated very close to each other and I had problems distinguishing them apart.

I have worked at Newdigate previously so knew that by keeping the door open you could maintain a good working relationship with the folks in Shed 2 – who were Tony and Alan this time. I find that knowing what is going on in the shed/s adjacent to your own is really important and aids the smooth running of the system. And if we have to stop the clock from time to time in order to catch up then that is fine by me.

I reckon moving around from shed to shed and learning new control panels is a good idea for all sorts of reasons. In fact over the last 12 months I have operated in five of the six sheds – though I still regard sheds 4 and 5 as my “home” ones having done lots of track underlay and scenic work in those places.

Overall it was a good session with few delays once the bell problem between sheds 2 and 3 had been resolved. And we were lucky with the weather. It did not rain and the hurricane arrived that evening - and has still not abated 24 hours later!

A moment of note: at lunch-time Roger received his birthday gift and was over the moon – several moons in fact. We look forward to seeing Roger’s new purchase on Rusper metals in the near future.