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Outside sections under cover

Track saved!

Sunday 10th February dawned drab, cold and damp and then……………… got worse!

Set up was performed in light drizzle with the covers going onto the outside sections as soon as they were erected. Due to the welcome addition of two guests we were able to run six sheds for the first time for several months. It was nice to see “old” friend Colin Snowdon, who took over at Glovers Lane, and Paul Jupp who came along with Brian Roper.

Clock start was delayed slightly to allow a track gang to sweep up a considerable amount of spilt ballast following engineering works at Tilgate and Rusper. The morning session ran reasonably smoothly with the odd hiccup here and there including rain dripping through the roof of shed 6.

Lunch was taken mainly indoors, as the rain was even heavier, and included most welcome cakes to celebrate Brian Roper’s *@!!1st birthday. This period also featured Dennis up a ladder nailing bits of tarpaulin onto shed 6 in a bid to staunch the flood. I think one or two members went looking for wood and I definitely saw plans for an ark.

After lunch Paul assisted Colin at Glovers Lane and made a fine job of keeping to timetable. Signal men at Orltons and Smallfields spent some time visiting each other to discuss the timetable and the wrong kind of rain on the tracks caused some shorting. Shed 3 suffered a number of unexplained derailments and one or two train divided incidents on the lines from Charlwood.

At the end of the operating session everyone became thoroughly wet and cold but on the whole remained cheerful. All in all the wettest if not the coldest session I have experienced since joining the club. But…..I still enjoyed it immensely.

New building

As promised in last month’s newsletter, here is a photograph of Tony Herron’s latest project.

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