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Based in the London Borough of Bromley Gallery of Members’     Photos and articles es December Meeting Report by Brian Roper

It appears Shed 1 may be haunted, or has an invisible presence of some kind.


A number of times at the last operating session, the points had changed despite the signalman insisting they had been set correctly.


Whilst having a friendly chat, one signalman was commenting to the other signalman that the Bachmann diesels ran very smoothly and was comparing it (the club’s Peak) to the Bachmann modern units that had a problem keeping to the track at the November session. Just as he completed his comment, the Peak fell off the track sideways along with the first 2 coaches. It went very quiet in the shed at that moment!


Finally, the kettle turned itself on when no-one was near it.


Thoughts move towards The Signal-Man by Charles Dickens.

Apart from the haunting testimony from a Shed 1 operator, we had a good session with plenty of unusual sightings along the line, amongst our usual rolling stock and locomotives. Even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirts as we went around with the traditional Christmas feast and card deliveries.

So that is 2017 done and dusted, I hope you’ve had a fun year with lots of trains (both model and full size) and look forward to 2018 and welcome Tim as the new newsletter editor.

BR Class 108 running as CB2, waiting to depart from a full Hookwood.

‘Lady Margaret Hall’ is on shunting duty at Hookwood.

‘Lady Margaret Hall’ is on shunting duty at Hookwood.

‘The Manchester Regiment’ having a break after shunting its train into the sidings at Ortons Junction.

A freshly painted GPO sitting proudly at Smallfield.

Nice to see No.47981 returning to the network to haul the heavy goods trains.

Double trouble with Southern Terriers on the loose.