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April Meeting Report

A View from Shed 2 Editor Tim’s introduction:  The meeting on Sunday 29th April was again damp and cold which was a little unpleasant as we held the AGM during the lunch break.  Fortunately the rain held off! Chairman Brian was feeling poorly so the AGM was held in his absence.  The meeting minutes will be circulated separately however there are two items to note:

1) The AGM agreed that the time that members should arrive would be brought forward to 0930 throughout the year.  This is to maximise the operating time and get us started by 1030

2) All the Officers and Railway Officials have been re-elected and subs remain the same at £60pa – now due!

Next Maintenance Session:  Sunday 20th May 2018      Next Operating Meeting: Sunday 3rd June 2018

Superintendent of the Line Roger’s comments on the last session:  A much better session this time although we were only able to run 4 sheds. The weather was reasonable and despite a few clock stops the whole session ran quite well. Thanks to Mike P for sorting out the electrical problems and novice Peter for covering Russ Hill North. The AGM was cold but mercifully short and, business completed, we retreated to the relative warmth of our sheds. For those of you not present a reminder that the first maintenance session this year is on 20th May. I need to know if you will attend as I want to allocate jobs before the day. I will contact everyone the week before. Please make every effort to attend. Sad to report the resignation of Dennis as Civil Engineer. His service to the club has been much appreciated by me and no doubt all of you too, thanks Dennis. Thanks everybody for your efforts today and I look forward to seeing you on 20th May the next maintenance session.

Meeting Report from (stand in) Tim:    We had a good operating session although only 4 sheds, and everything appeared to run as it should. A couple of trains running out of sequence caused some issues when they were signalled with incorrect bell codes, as did a ‘special’ to return a CM rake that was apparently overlooked at one of the termini. It was very pleasing to see few trains without tail lamps and fewer still with 2 tail lamps, one at each end!  Tony will be adding tail lamp hooks to one of the vans – if anyone spots a vehicle that should have a tail lamp hook and doesn’t, please let him know.

Superintendent of the Line Roger has emailed a form asking members to indicate which sheds / stations they would feel competent to operate and which they would like try.  If you haven’t yet completed yours, please do so and return to Roger so that he can roster future sessions knowing members capabilities and preferences.



Work-weary no. 73069 Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 was one of the 12 standard classes of steam locomotive built by British Railways in the 1950s. It was essentially a development of the LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 ("Black Five"). 172 were built between 1951 and 1957.


Over the fence at Charlwood is a Barclay 14" 0-4-0ST.  Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. based in Kilmarnock, Scotland produced a standardised saddle tank locomotive, mainly for industrial use.  The most numerous type produced were the 14" & 16" versions, referring to the diameter of the cylinders. Thousands of 0-4-0s were built by Andrew Barclay starting in the late 1800s. Many survived longer than mainline steam under BR, with some still running in the late 1970s. No. 705 is still in steam on the Rusper Railway!

High level view of the station throat at Hookwood

A quiet moment on the platforms at Russ Hill

Ex-LNER V1/3  2-6-2T no. 67601 heads up the main line to Glovers Lane

                                               with the milk train

A rather grubby Class 9F no. 92183 prepares to leave Russ Hill with a southbound CM6 set and GPO van

The rear of CM1 shows off one of the superb tail lamps

made by Tony